signs of heroin addiction

Recognizing The Signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a highly addictive drug in the opioid family. In many cases, heroin addiction follows from a period of opioid abuse. People can easily develop a tolerance for opioids, which drives them to pursue something stronger, like heroin. For people who have acquired a heroin addiction, any pursuit of recovery will likely involve experiencing…


Is Rehab Covered By Insurance

Does Insurance Cover Rehab? A common question that people have about addiction treatment is, “Does insurance cover rehab?” After all, not everyone can afford the expense of rehab without some form of financial help. In order to fully understand the answer, you have to understand government regulations. Thanks to government regulations, insurance companies have to…


Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health

A dual diagnosis occurs when both a mental health disorder and substance abuse problem co-occur. People often self-medicate when dealing with mental health issues which then exacerbates the initial complication. The Willows at Red Oak Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis treatment. Our experienced master’s level substance abuse and mental health clinicians can help you tackle both…